Skiing and winter sports

PARK SNOW Donovaly

Today, the village of Donovaly is very well known and popular mainly because of the ski resort PARK SNOW Donovaly. For all you snow and winter sports lovers, excellent skiing conditions are prepared on the slopes in the Záhradiste and Nová Hoľa areas. The total length of the ski tracks is 11 km and 17 different pistes await you.

The unique attractions that the resort is known for are dog sled rides and also an ice rink at the lower station of the cable car to Nová Hola. Even the brave will find their way in RIDES PARK Záhradište with several obstacles, rails and also the possibility of an adrenaline free ride, where the Slovak national team is also preparing.

There are several rental companies here, where you will be given full attention and your skis or snowboards will receive complete care.

The largest children's FUN PARK in Slovakia

It is intended for children who want to learn to ski, but also for those who already know how to ski, because there are several ways to have fun. Children from the age of 3 can learn to ski here, for which there are several sliding belts, during which children will experience a lot of fun and learning in a playful way, with a pleasant atmosphere and various competitions.

Tourism and cycling

Donovaly offers excellent conditions for mountain tourism, because it is located on the border of two national parks, Low Tatras and Veľká Fatra. During the summer tourist season, a modern chairlift will take you to the top of Nova Hola, from where you can enjoy a beautiful view of the panorama of the Low Tatras and Veľká Fatra. More active crew members can continue on an easy trip to Malý Zvolen.

Ferrata Two towers
Only 15 minutes by car from the Donovaly resort is the popular Ferrata Dve veže, specifically in front of the village of Liptovské Revúce. There are 9 via ferrata routes with different degrees of difficulty and a hiking trail leading to the mountain outside the via ferrata routes. From the highest point of the via ferrata, you can enjoy beautiful views of the surrounding hills of the Low Tatras, Veľká Fatra, and the Veľká Fatra and Nízke Tatry National Parks.

The area offers up to 42 marked cycle routes, which are a guarantee that cyclists will definitely not be bored. Depending on your abilities, you can choose the right one, whether you are going as a family with children, youth, seniors, or professional cyclists within a radius of 1-8 hours.
There is no reason to despair if you cannot bring your own bikes, because at our reception we can provide you with quality mountain bikes, which we will always hand over to you with a full battery and complete service. Another option is to use the cycle bus from Banská Bystrica to Donovaly for only 2 euros.

Bike Park Donovaly
Bike Park offers downhill enthusiasts one track with a length of over 2 km and an elevation of 420 m, which is divided into several meadow and forest passages. These passages contain many roots, stones, traverses and also jumps.

Cultural heritage

Spain valley
Špania Dolina is located about 14 km north of the center of Banská Bystrica, in the western part of the Starohorské vrchy. There are rich mining monuments, traditional architecture, customs and traditions of a mining community, such as you could find all over Slovakia in the past. Once famous throughout Europe for its rich deposits of copper ore, today it offers a beautiful undisturbed mountain environment.

From the heap of the Maximilián shaft there is a wonderful panoramic view of the surrounding mountains.

The paths of the mining educational trail will lead tourists to places of the past glory of mining history - shafts and tunnels hidden in the surrounding forests.

The ideal tracks for mountain biking in the summer and cross-country skiing in the winter are the mountain weights in the vicinity.

Harmanecka cave
The cave underground of the southern location of the Veľká Fatra National Park hides mysterious natural beauties, which together created the most important Slovak cave. It is Harmanecká jaskyňa. The Harmanecká cave is located near the village of Dolný Harmanec, northwest of Banská Bystrica in the Harmanecká valley.

Beautiful underground halls and corridors are made of snow-white limestone drip decoration, extensive domes, massive wall waterfalls, but also lakes. Huge pagoda-like formations in the cave reach a height of up to 12 m. In addition to primitive plants, 10 species of bats also live in the cave.
The cave is 2650 m long, of which 720 m is open to the public. In addition, there are also 1043 steps. The visitor can reach the entrance of the cave along a serpentine educational trail. The exit from the parking lot takes approximately 40 minutes.

The most valuable thing that belongs to Ružomberok is the foothill settlement of Vlkolínec, which is located approximately 28 km from Donovál and 6 kilometers from the district town of Ružomberok. In Vlkolínec, the original architecture and structure of the mountain settlement has been preserved. The wooden log houses that grew up next to the stream rise in the sloping terrain of Veľká Fatra below the Sidorovo hill. The surroundings of Vlkolínec consist of fruit gardens, terraced fields, meadows dotted with wooden haystacks and forests.

In 1993, Vlkolínec was included in the list of UNESCO's world cultural and natural heritage, thus gaining world prestige.
In Vlkolínec, time seems to have stopped, everything is preserved almost in the same form as it was in the middle of the last century. In addition to the atmosphere of the log cabin settlement, in Vlkolínec you can see the exhibitions set up here for visitors and lovers of history and architecture, or choose to explore the surrounding nature of the nearby area.

Brankovský waterfall
A trip to Brankovský waterfall could be characterized as a simple hike / walk suitable for families with children. The waterfall is located in the beautiful environment of the Low Tatras, in the village of Podsuchá, which is located 7 km from Ružomberk.
With a height of 55 meters, Brankovský waterfall is the highest waterfall in the Low Tatras. It is attractive in winter and summer, but sometimes it happens that during the dry season the water does not flow from the rock. In winter, on the other hand, it turns into a beautiful frozen icefall as if cut out of a fairy tale. The ascent to the waterfall itself takes only 25-30 minutes

For families with children

The mini village of Habakuky in Donovaly is for everyone who wants to experience the atmosphere of Slovak folk tales. It consists of houses in the style of folk-fantasy architecture based on PE Dobšinský's fairy tales. The area is dominated by the Škrupin Castle with a pond, the amphitheater and the KÚRNIK ŠHOPA SENTER department store.

Habakuky are open daily, with a rich program for the whole season. It is mainly about theatrical performances that draw every small or large visitor into the atmosphere of the stories of heroes from the pages of children's books.

Also of interest is the special HABAKUKY coin currency, which you can take away as a souvenir. You can exchange them for euros at special ATMs - habodayas at the Dušička reservoir.

Donovalkovo, as such a little paradise for children, but also for parents, is the capital of children. In this small town, 23 small houses await you in such a way that they really fit into the children's world. Here you will find adorable houses furnished with children's kitchens, couches, and toys. There are also themed houses such as a restaurant or shop, relaxation areas, a workshop or a train.

Little ones can shop here, learn the rules of the road (get a child's driver's license) or get to know the animals on the mini farm (and get a farmer's license). There is really a lot of activity here.

Entertainment in Donovalkovo is coordinated by animators who paint children's faces and also offer a tour of the city, where you can walk around in the costume of your favorite hero. With all this, parents can relax and not have to constantly chase and run around their children because they will be taken care of.

The area in Donovaly welcomes children from the age of 2.

Fun Arena Donovaly
In the amusement park Fun Aréna Donovaly, children will find what they like, but adults will definitely enjoy the great attractions as well.


Take a ride on the most popular attraction suitable not only for children - the toboggan bobsleigh track. The track is located on the right side of the slope from Nová Hola. The 900-meter long track offers beautiful views of the mountain panorama, 7 adrenaline jumps and 11 turns, while you set the pace yourself. You can comfortably take the lift to the top of the track directly on the trolley, and at the end of the ride you can take a souvenir in the form of a photo directly from the track.

Mysiačik children's park
A park full of water attractions, a children's rope center and slides. A brook flows in the area, which connects various activities such as a children's rope park, irrigation regulation, rafting on a pond, building dams and a water playground. Here, children can try out the functioning of the laws of physics, in a truly playful way.

Trampolines and Bungee trampolines
Everyone really goes crazy here. It is possible to jump up to a height of 7 meters thanks to special trampolines enhanced with fixation ropes, through which you can also try more daring stunts such as somersaults, somersaults,...